Wardrobe: Casual Looks for Women

These are must have looks you should have in your wardrobe ready to go at anytime. Some people even carry one extra set of these looks in their car for the off chance that production asks for an additional look in an opportunity of an upgrade while on set. It’s always good to be prepared specially so you don’t miss out on a possible casting opportunity.

A Good Pair of Jeans

Most of us have one pair of jeans that we wear to death, but do you have a pair that can be dressed up, too? Or that a soccer mom would wear? Make sure you have a versatile pair – not just those skinny, trendy ones. I find that the darker blue jeans look good for the longest period of time.

A Good Suit

You’ll need a good suit for those corporate characters that show up in Industrials and commercials. A lot of projects will require you to have a couple of good suit options such as White Collar and Law and Order types. A pants suit and always good to have a sharp skirt you can pair up with your coat in case you need it. It helps with business casual wear to have these pieces as separates, too.

A Button Down Shirt

Preferably two. One crisp white one and one in a good camera friendly color.