It’s a horrible moment when you get a 6pm call for a 10am, on-camera/theater audition and they need you dressed in business casual when you don’t have anything in your wardrobe that will work. Or worse, the booking requires a more specific look for your character work. Specially when you’re starting off, wardrobe is essential for you to have prepared as most productions will not have any available for you.

One way to expand your horizons and book more jobs is to make sure you have some basic, wardrobe staples so that you’re prepared in a pinch. Additionally, if you’re looking for a more specific character look I will also be outlining several wardrobe options.

If you’re in a production and need a specific look, here are some wardrobe guides as to what specific characters/looks wear also.


  • Casual Looks for Men
  • Casual Looks for Women
  • LAPD Officer
  • Federal Agent / Detective
  • SWAT / Special Forces
  • Marine Corps