Wardrobe: LAPD Officer

All LAPD Police Department sworn officers wear the uniform shown below, with the exception of the non-uniformed criminal investigations division (see detective wardrobe for that look).

Patrol officers wear the standard uniform which consists of:
– White or Black crew neck under t-shirt
– Navy blue uniform shirt
– Navy blue uniform Trousers / slacks.
– Black tactical shoes / boots.

All officers wear the LAPD patch on their left shoulder, their official badge on their left upper chest, and silver anodized surname badge on their right upper chest.

Long sleeves are also an option, see below. But, when wearing the long sleeve a black tie with tie clap must be worn also.

These officer looks also apply to most police officers in other cities such as the NYPD officer shown above left.


Optional wardrobe items include:

– Police hat
– Navy blue Field Jacket or
– High visibility Field Jacket

Uniform Dress Regulations

The optional uniform shall consist of the basic uniform with short sleeves, an open convertible collar, and the tie removed. If an undershirt is worn under the
short sleeved uniform shirt, the undershirt shall be the department issued black or white T-Shirt or similar and shall have a round crew neck or V-neck collar.

Officers not wearing the short sleeved shirt uniform shall wear the long sleeved shirt and a tie.

Although the optional uniform is authorized, officers shall wear the basic uniform, with long sleeves and a tie, when the division commanding officer deems it appropriate.


The nylon waist-length field jacket shall be worn by uniformed officers when seasonal conditions require. Officers may also choose, or be directed, to wear the High Visibility Field Jacket.

When officers choose to wear the field jacket, it shall be worn with either the long-sleeve shirt or optional short-sleeve shirt and tie. The utility belt must also be readily accessible when wearing the jacket.

Note: Officers wearing the optional short-sleeve shirt with the field jacket shall wear the tie with the uniform field jacket.

A scarf may be worn only with the field jacket. The scarf shall be plain and black, gray, or dark blue in colour.

Patrol officers, while on-duty, shall ensure that their uniform hat or baseball cap (dependant upon assignment) is serviceable and available either at their division of assignment or in their assigned vehicle.

Officers assigned to Highway Unit shall ensure that their uniform hat is available in the passenger compartment of their assigned vehicle and shall wear it when directing traffic.

The wearing of the uniform hat is mandatory for all officers:-
– when working an assigned foot beat,
– when working an assignment in which the primary function is crowd control,
– at inspections, ceremonies, funerals, and other appropriate formal events,

Male Employees.
On-duty uniformed male employees shall keep their hair
properly trimmed. The hair shall be at least moderately tapered, shall not extend
below the top of the shirt collar nor cover any portion of the ear, and shall not
interfere with the proper wearing of the uniform hat.

Female Employees.
On-duty uniformed female employees assigned to field duty shall arrange their hair so that it does not extend below the bottom edge of the collar, nor interfere with the proper wearing of the uniform hat. Hair shall be arranged so as not to interfere with vision in any way. On-duty uniformed female employees assigned to field duty shall not arrange their hair in a ponytail hairstyle. Uniformed females who are not field certified shall maintain their hair so as to present a neat appearance consistent with the type of duty performed.

Exception: Employees in low visibility assignments may deviate from these standards with the approval of their commanding officer.

Uniformed employees shall not wear any unauthorized ornamentation such
as earrings; necklaces; bracelets; or large, conspicuous rings.

When in uniform, all officers shall wear the official badge currently issued to them. The badge shall be attached to the badge holder provided on the outermost garment and shall be clearly visible at all times.

When in uniform, all officers shall have in their possession the identification card currently issued to them.

All uniformed officers shall wear the prescribed tie bar. The tie bar shall be worn horizontally and level with the bottom points of the shirt pocket flaps.

General. Employees shall be encouraged to wear authorized medals or ribbons on the uniform shirt. Medals or ribbons shall not be worn on the nylon waist-length field jacket.

If only one medal is to be worn, it shall be worn on the extreme right of the top seam of the left breast pocket flap. If two or more medals are to be worn, they shall be worn on the top seam of the left breast pocket flap beginning at the extreme right of the flap and extending to the left in descending order of precedence. Ribbons representing authorized Department medals may be worn on the uniform in lieu of the respective medals. They shall be centered above the left breast pocket below the badge extending toward the wearer’s left in descending order of precedence with the bottom row on the seam.

Three ribbons shall constitute a complete row. Precedence of rows shall be top to bottom. Additional rows shall also extend toward the wearer’s left in descending order of precedence. An incomplete row shall be the top row with its ribbons centered on the complete row(s) beneath.

When an employee receives the same award more than once, the second and subsequent awards shall be indicated by a bronze oakleaf cluster worn on the original ribbon. A silver oakleaf cluster will be worn in lieu of five bronze clusters.


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