10 Tips For A Happier Audition

1. Remember you are unique.

No one else brings the same combination of qualities that you bring to a role. This alone will make your audition interesting.


2. Learn to act “as if”.

Acting “as if” allows you to set aside any doubt about your abilities for just a few minutes while you prepare to enter the room. To act “as if”, focus on the kind of actor you want to be and simply decide to behave as if you’re already there. Nobody will know the difference and you might even start to believe it yourself!


3. “Why not me? Why not now?”

Remember that quite often a Casting Director doesn’t know what they are looking for until they see it. You probably spend way too much time thinking of the reasons why you won’t get the part. Give yourself a break and remember that quite often, landing a role has to do with luck and numbersĀ  in addition to talent and hard work.


4. The work you’ve done exists within you.

All hose acting classes and all that line memorization? The character research and script reading? It’s now part of who you are. You’ve worked hard, so remember that and own it.


5. Remember the people, places, pets you love.

Regardless of what happens in an audition, the odds are your family & friends will still love you, your favorite beach spot will still exist, and Fido will still wag his tail when you walk through the door as if he hasn’t seen you since 1989. Keep perspective.


6. Breathe!

This one is pretty simple. Your body can’t be both anxious and relaxed at the same time, so if you’re anxious, take a few slow, deep breaths to trick yourself into becoming more relaxed.


7. It’s okay if you don’t get the part.

Really, it is. Giving a solid audition will help you get remembered by people who make decisions, so treat the audition like the job and leave knowing you did your best. This will help you learn to love the process.


8. Those bigwig honcho VIP people are just people.

Do your best to see and interact with Casting Directors as the human beings they are than the superheroes you imagine them to be. Everyone will be more comfortable – especially you! – when you remember that no single person holds the golden ticket to the career you crave.


9. Sharpen you senses while you wait.

As you listen for your name to be called, do your best not to succumb to thoughts of insecurity or brutal competition with the other actors in the waiting room. Instead, engage your senses and your creative mind by scanning the space around you and pretending you are seeing/ smelling / hearing/ touching everything for the very first time. How you you describe the sounds you hear or the feeling of the chair against your back? This exercise will bring you more fully into the present moment and help you become more centered and focused.


10. It’s called a “play” because you play!

Don’t forget that acting is supposed to be FUN! Take a minute to tap into the joy behind why you’re doing what you’re doing.

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